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Farm Family in Winter.

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Farm Family in Winter.

Published 1967

Shows family life on a modern farm in winter. Describes the care and feeding of livestock kept on a farm in winter. Here, farm life continues at a vigorous pace, in spite of restrictions of inclement weather, as a farm family complete the work of harvest and prepare for the renewal of the growing cycle in spring. The story is told in first person by the grandfather, at Gerald "Red" Markham's farm near the town of Whitewater, Walworth County, Wisconsin. He tries to get the "snow buggy" working, brings in a veterinarian to treat a sick calf, etc.
Tom Smith made four films in this series. Farm Family in Autumn, Farm Family in Spring, Farm Family in Summer, and Farm Family in Winter, all available to see in the Academic Film Archive of North America collection on the Internet Archive.

Run time 14:52
Producer Thomas G Smith
Production Company Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc
Sponsor Tom Smith
Audio/Visual sound, color


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